Teams listed LAST are in the 3rd base dugout

   Entry Fee is $275  per team.

  Lineup with First and Last names, jersey #, & coach’s names to press box before game

  Each team is to provide 3 game balls per game.

       1 hour 45 minute time limit Minors and Comet Divison games.

       2 hr. time limit on Triple Crown pool games only. 

       No time limit on championship games. 

  Pre-game infield is NOT be allowed. 

  Run Rule:  12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

  2- Mickey Mantle Classic bats will be put in each dugout per game.

  In the event of a broken bat, send the broken bat to the souvenir stand and a new one will be issued

  Base umpire will pick up the 2 bats in the 1st base dugout after each game

   Home plate umpire will pick up the 2 bats in the 3rd base dugout after each game

  The Mickey Mantle Classic will supply 32” wooden bats

  Each team is responsible for their own pine tar.


                                  Commerce High School 420 Doug Furnas BLVD, Commerce Ave Commerce, Oklahoma 74339 

Tournament Director: Brian Simmons WK: 918-675-4343 Cell: 918-533-1149,,



Tie Breakers for Division play:

                                     1.  Least Runs Allowed (8 run cap)

                                              2.  Run Differential (8 run cap)

                                         3.  Most Base hits by team

                                         4.  Least Errors by team               

                                         5.  Most SO recorded by Staff

                                         6.  Coin Toss

(Official Book  used in these situations)


3 way tie: Tie breaker  determines #3 seed, head to head will determine #1 seed