Description: *   Teams listed LAST are in the 3rd base dugout.

*     Lineup with 1st / last names, jersey # & coaches names to press box before game

*       Entree fee is $275 per team

Description: *  Each team is to provide 3 game balls per game.

*       1 hour 45 minute time limit Minors and Comet Division

*       2 hr. time limit on Triple Crown pool games only

*       No time limit on championship games

Description: *  Pregame infield will NOT be allowed. 

Description: *  Run Rule:  12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

Description: *  2 Mickey Mantle Classic bats will be put in each dugout per game

Description: *  In the event of a broken bat, send bat to souvenir stand and a new one will be issued

Description: *  Base umpire will pick up the 2 bats in the 1st base dugout after each each game

Description: *   Home umpire will pick up the 2 bats in the 3rd base dugout after each game

Description: *  The Mickey Mantle Classic will supply 32 wooden bats

Description: *  Each team is responsible for their own pine tar.

      Tie Breaker for DIVISION play:  

                                     1. Runs Allowed (8 run cap)

                                                    2 .Run differential (8 run cap)

                                           3. Base hits by team

                                           4.  Errors by team

                                           5.  Coin toss

(Official Book  used in these situations)


3 way tie: Tie breaker  determines #3 seed, head to head will determine #1 seed