“Great Teammate Award”


Mickey Mantle was a baseball icon, legend of the game.  But of all the awards and accolades; Triple Crown Award, 3 time AL MVP, Hickok Award, Hutch Award, Gold Glove Award,

16 time All Star selections and 7 World Championships,

his desire was to be remembered as

 one thing,

 “A Great Teammate.”



Brandon Jackson      

Fort Gibson  OK

Beginning 2009


In honor of


“The Mick”,


the “Great Teammate




will be presented annually


to a  participating player  of


the Mickey Mantle Classic.



 Caleb Kingfisher

 Sequoyah  OK


 Tyler Maxville

 Commerce  OK


 Kyle Smith

 McDonald County


 Jarrett Pannel

 Commerce  OK


 Jarrod Johnson

 Fairland  OK


Trey Turner

Neosho  MO


 Jason Dixon

 Quapaw  OK


 Kyle Crockett

 Fairland  OK


Dylon Trease

Commerce  OK

2017 Bryce Waybright Commerce  OK
2018 Cody Rice Fairland  OK
2019 Blaine Lemm McDonald County  MO
2021 Kale Thomasson Quapaw  OK
2022 Keagan Lawler Arcadia Valley  MO
2023 Jace Campbell Fairland  OK
2024 Cruz Gonzales Welch  OK