David’s motivation for his art is to capture the essence of the person, and to sustain for a moment, the snapshot of scene and image. His work has become a vice for him to exercise personal agonies and to also pay homage to those he admires. David is a self-taught artist/photographer, and knows no boundaries or limitations, in capturing what he has envisioned.

David's originality, blending of mediums and distinctive styling has propelled him to world wide sales. His life-like realism sustains him as a top selling photographer at the Ernest Hemingway Museum, Key West, another must notable honor was having his work placed on display at the John Lennon Museum, Liverpool, England.

David's works have been presented and appreciated by some of the most famous names in sports, literary, entertainment, including but not limited to: Goose Gossage, Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry, Kevin Schwantz, Mat Mladin, Juan Marichal, Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry, Evel & Robbie Knievel, VP Baseball Hall of Fame, Buddy Guy, Hillary Hemingway and Marie Cooper Janis.

“My work is the Legacy for which I leave in my Father’s name, as I have no children of my own to carry on his namesake. I can only hope that my art does justice in some small way to the quality and courage, the greatness and unshakable character of my Father, Paul Nicholas Pucciarelli... God only knows the many mistakes I have made since he has gone. I can only wonder where I would be if he were still here today... “Until we meet again.”