Advertising prices and terms are listed below.


Contract          Size                 1st Year                        Yearly renewal


1 Year             4 x 8                  $375                               $125

3 Year             4 x 8                  $325                               $125

5 Year             4 x 8                  $275                               $125



Signs will be professionally done on aluminum sheets and attached to the outfield fence of Mickey Mantle Field.


Advertising contracts may be signed for up to five years.  Any year following a nonrenewal will be subject to first year contract prices

 and current costs.  Renewals not under contract would be subject to current costs and prices.


I (we) wish to purchase advertising in the form of a __________ size sign for _______________ years, beginning year 20___.


1.      The aluminum sheet will continue to be the property of the school district.

2.      The school district will have full control of the content and placement of the sign.

3.      The school district will maintain the sign (readable and in good repair) for the contractual term listed above.

4.      The advertiser will notify the school district by January 15 to renew the agreement for the next succeeding year.

5.      Signs contracted during the 2016-2017 school year will NOT be subject to a renewal fee until school year 2018-2019.


I (we) agree to the above terms and prices.


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                             Signature                                                                                          Date


Artwork may be mailed on a disk or emailed to:

Mail contract, and payment to the following address:


ATT:  Brian Waybright

Commerce Public Schools

Commerce  OK, 74339